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Full featured, easy to use software for professional stocktakers to the licensed and catering trades


Recommended by the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors



Single Bar Results, Multi Bar Results (up to 9 bars with or without Mainstock and Cellar Agree)


Liquor Trading Account and Cellar Differences (for multi-bar results)

Bar Summaries (for each bar, also consolidated report for multi-bar results)

Extended Sheets

Stock Audit History (last 45 stocktakes)

Sales Comparisons (last 6 stocktakes in units or measures)

Average Daily or Weekly Sales (last 6 stocktakes in units or measures)

Sales per £10,000 takings (last 6 stocktakes)

Till PLU to actual sales comparisons (differences shown in measures and at selling price)

Itemised Barrelage reports (sales or purchases) show current period and year to date

Report listing selling prices needed to achieve a selected GP% for any group

Price Tariffs. For clients to display on bars




Single or Multi Results


Food Trading Account (for each "bar", also consolidated report for multi-bar results)

Itemised Valuation List

Stock Audit History (last 45 stocktakes)




Single or Multi Results


As above specifications for foodstocks with option to show selling prices. Allows clients to see GP% for each product




Full Itemised Valuation List

Valuation Certificate prints on your own letterheaded paper or on plain paper




Invoicing facility - prints customised invoice to client and office copy

"Auditor's Report" - Allows you to present a full page written report to accompany the stock result

"Cash Reconciliation" - Produces a calculated report of a safe check

"Full Results" - customise type and quantity of reports printed for each house individually - printed at the press of a button.

"Mass Reports" - prints "full results" or stock forward sheets for many houses at a time

Barrelage figures shown on Liquor Trading account and Bar Summaries to represent either quantities sold or purchased

Sales Ratios shown for each group as percenatge of sales at either cost or seling price

Days stockholding shown for each product on Extended Sheets, for each group on Bar Summary, and overall on Food Trading Account

Analysis of credits - shows value of credits at cost on Bar Summary separated into custom categories (e.g. "To Kings Arms","Returned", etc)

Financial Year to Date figures shown on Liquor Trading Account, Bar Summaries and Food Trading Account

Till reconciliation (if required) calculated automatically and printed on Bar Summary

All reports headed with your own name/company name and telephone number

Customisable disclaimer printed on Bar Summaries and Liquor Trading Account

All reports display in a preview pane prior to printing allowing you to check any figures before you print them

On screen "hash-totals" assist quick and reliable checking of figures entered


ULTRA easy to use:

All facilities at the push of a button

Client base of up to 3,500 houses can be catered for - more than enough for even the busiest stocktaker or largest pub company

Up to 15 group headings - customisable to suit your requirements and each individual house

Up to 150,000 products per house

Helpful prompts continuously inform you of what is happening and/or what to do

'Safety features' help prevent incorrect figure entry (e.g. nil cost price warning for non FOC products, date validation, refusal to delete a bar or group description whilst transactions already exist, maximum Selling Price and GP defined by user to display warning if amount exceeded)

Password protection if required

Up to 9 different credit descriptions - customisable to suit each house

Option to count fractions in tenths or twelfths (or a mixture of both - eg Spirits in tenths, Bottled Beers in twelfths, etc.)

Auto-recode facility sorts products into alphabetical order if required for any or all groups

Master Description facility allows you to create a "Master File" of codes and descriptions to use on any job you wish. Whenever you enter a new item, you simply enter the code and the description and size are extracted automatically from the master

Automatic creation of new jobs with the option to automatically copy the Product List from any existing job

Automatic insertion of yield and barrelage information when entering new product descriptions depending on group category and size

Simple VAT change facility with the ability to amend takings excl. VAT for stock periods with a VAT rate change midway between stocktakes

Complete files for 1000s different stock periods can be saved onto a USB memory stick as a safety backup with instant retrieval at any time

Dual backup to hard disk allows you to instantly retrieve complete files for any previous stock period


PS Stock Auditor can be used with any computer running the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
    Windows Server 2003 / Windows 2000
  • 64-bit or 32-bit versions of the above


  • Windows compatible printer
  • Memory Stick / Memory Card / Floppy Drive for backing up work
  • Optional:

  • Email application for emailing reports.
  • Fax modem for faxing reports.

Specifications subject to change without notice. E&OE.

PS Stock Auditor

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International: Tel. +66 (0)810 500 750

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